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Super Powers of the Common Rat

Roll your 'mouse' over the 'rat' to learn all about the amazing abilities of the common rat -
(aka Rattus norvegicus!)

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More Amazing Rat Facts!

As impressive as the most highly trained special agents, rats have been observed to do the following amazing feats, with no fancy spy gadgets or special training:

~Crawl through holes the size of a quarter.

~Climb brick walls as if they had rungs.

~Tread water for three days.

~Gnaw through cinder blocks with teeth that exert 24,000 pounds per square inch.

~Survive being flushed down a toilet and then entering the buildings by that same route.

~Fall from a five-story building and then run away unscathed.

(Sources:  Rat: Lapdog of the Devil (July, 1977), National Geographic; Whishaw & Kolb, The behavior of the laboratory rat, 2005, New York: Oxford University Press)

Video of Swimming Rat: